Joel Chaban (and his hearing dog, Roo), President of All Things Connect/ed, has provided computer solutions to business for 25 years.


All Things Connect/ed provides end users, resellers, consultants and accounting professionals with computer and business solutions through systems and software analysis, design, programming, education and training.

We enable you to:

  • Optimize the value of your software
  • Be more productive with your time
  • Achieve higher efficiencies of operation
  • Increase the profitability of your business
  • Receive dependable computer systems service and support

All Things Connect/ed focuses on the integration of financial accounting systems. We provide specialized services in the customization and enhancement of accounting products internally and across the Internet.


  • System Analysis
  • Software Design
  • Programming
  • Commercial Software Development
  • Local Area Network Installtions
  • Project Management
  • Legacy Software Conversions
  • Documentation
  • Software Testing
  • Training and Educational Seminars

Accounting Software Specialties

  • Finanacial and Managerial Reporting
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Data Conversion


The following testimonials come from magazines and from unsolicited comments by consultants in reagard to accounting software designed and written by Joel Chaban:
"This is the first SBT General Ledger product that will make sales on the GL alone. ...I know that this must seem like a product ad, but this is really the best. Have you looked at the reports by sub-group, and the memorized set of reports that can be run?"

"This is better than *ANY* GL package I've seen or used."

Dan Means
Dan Means Means Management Systems
On Compuserve
"Inventory Control and General Ledger in particular are packed with features that I've not found elsewhere."
Robert Truxall
The Strategic Solutions Group
On Compuserve
"...and the new G/L is to dream of!"
John Flynn Matthew
The Strategic Solutions Group
On Compuserve
"SBT has significantly improved its Professional Series since we last saw it. The most notable improvements appear in the General Ledger.... These include larger account numbers, powerful account and item inquiry, flexible budgeting, and unlimited history retention."
PC Magazine


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